Three challenges, three modules, one solution

Transport performance is based on three challenges: costs, quality of service and environmental impact.

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Why Sightness?

A solution dedicated to the needs of its users.

We believe that the transport of goods is carried by the men and women who strive, every day, to plan, manage and optimise the countless shipments that punctuate the daily lives of each and every one of us. As a solution dedicated to improving transport performance, Sightness naturally helps companies move forward. Nevertheless, the solution is also intended for these men and women.

More rewarding missions

At all levels, transport professionals devote a large part of their energy to time-consuming, tedious and unstimulating tasks. Invoicing control, data standardisation, reporting … By automating these tasks, Sightness enables its users to focus on their expertise and core business.

Boosted skills and recognition

Sightness provides professionals with advanced analysis and decision support tools. With these assets, Sightness users gain expertise and understanding of their business, while being relieved of unnecessary tasks. Within their company, their opinions and decisions are appreciated and valued. On the labour market, their skills are recognised and sought after.

How does it work?

Leading companies choose Sightness

Sightness is able to retrieve information independently of the format or tools used thanks to numerous APIs: TMS, WMS, tracking solutions, Excel files…

Data heterogeneity is the great challenge of the digital transformation of transport. Sightness automates their processing in order to obtain reliable and standardised data.

Sightness's algorithms scan huge volumes of data to identify recurrences, anomalies and suggest effective optimisations.

Once formatted, the data is immediately available through dynamic, customised dashboards that accurately quantify and qualify performance.

Management and simulation tools enable managers to make the right observations, to anticipate the effects of their decisions and to ensure their sustainability.

A Plug & Play solution

Setup in 8 to 12 weeks

Setting up a transport software ecosystem can be a long and complex process. Sightness adjusts to your architecture and data. Without any duration commitment involved.

Continuous customization

The Customer Success teams process your requests for upgrades and customised KPIs within a few days. The solution will always be tailored to you, without requiring in-house resources.