Control & reduce your transport costs

Cost is our module dedicated to freight transport costs. These account for a significant portion of the company's expenditure – up to 10%. However, supply chain professionals sometimes struggle to control them.

  • Control your invoicing

    Transport invoicing is often extremely complex: tariff clauses, additional costs, contractual clauses… Sightness helps you to overcome this complexity in order to control your invoicing, your contracts and reduce your expenses.

  • Identify budget drifts

    Without your own, consolidated data, it is difficult for you to control transport expenditure. Sightness offers to monitor your costs as closely as possible and to analyse them on the right scale. This allows you to easily identify anomalies helping you to make the right decisions to reduce spending.

  • Analyse your activity

    To properly prepare your calls for tenders, to better structure your team, it is essential to have a perfect knowledge of your business and your needs. Sightness's analytic functions give you access to a comprehensive and accurate view of your shipping profiles.


Invoice Control

Keep your transport costs under control

Invoice Control reviews your entire transport invoicing: its algorithms identify invoicing errors (rates, extra costs, weight, etc.) but also contractual loopholes or ambiguities that weigh on the expense.

For whom?

Transport Managers, Buyers, Controllers

What needs?

Transport invoicing is often neglected by companies, with a number of repercussions. The transport department suffers from invoicing errors and time-consuming tasks, buyers miss key data for their actions, and financial functions lack visibility into transport financial flows.


Saving time and money for transport functions // Key lessons for buyers // Control of transport financial flows

Optional features

  • Delivery of raw data


Understand & manage your transport activity

Activity is a function dedicated to the management of transport costs and transported volumes. Your multi-source transport data is standardised and output as dynamic dashboards, allowing you to switch between overview and very precise close-ups.

For whom?

Transport & Supply Chain managers

What needs?

Between the heterogeneity of transport data and its volume, supply chain professionals find it difficult to manage the transport activity. The standardisation of data and the construction of transport reports are time-consuming tasks, the analysis must be more agile.


A better understanding of the activity // Easier identification of cost drifts // Automated reporting // Optimal preparation of calls for tenders

Optional features

  • Dashboard customisation
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«After a rapid implementation, Sightness allowed us to effectively address two of our major challenges. On the one hand, Sightness automatically controls the invoicing of our transport purchases. On the other hand, we have improved the management of our margin on the sale of transport services.»

Alexandre Cavallini, Transport Director Healthcare - Alloga

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«With Sightness, our transport managers focus their efforts on action plans in collaboration with the providers. The tool allows the rapid structuring of the activity management.»

Ivan Richard, Transport Manager - L'Oréal

"We were above all seeking to achieve consolidated visibility of all our flows. We appreciate and value Sightness's ability to integrate a wide variety of flows."

Jérôme Laprée, Category Manager Supply Chain - LVMH

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«Thanks to Sightness, we can demonstrate to our customers that we have mastered and monitored the respect of our promise. Anomalies are easily identified, allowing corrective actions to be taken quickly.»

Dominique Franze, EMEA Supply Chain Manager - Mane