Make a concrete commitment to the low-carbon transition of transport.

Carbon is our module dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transport. It gives responsible companies all the tools necessary to initiate or improve a voluntary process on this major subject.

  • Calculate your emissions precisely

    Calculating GHG emissions from transportation is a difficult task. To get out of the approximate calculations, it is necessary to take into account the mode and segment of transport used, the engine, the distance, the networks traveled and the load… Our calculation engine incorporates these subtleties.

  • Understanding your GHG footprint

    To effectively engage your company in piloting measures to reduce GHG emissions from transport, you must understand where the stakes are. What are the factors that contribute to my carbon footprint? Sightness allows you to control your emissions and their sources as closely as possible in order to make the right observations.



Have the calculation of your GHG transport emissions

Sightness Pure is Carbon's Calculation engine. It precisely calculates the GHG emissions from freight transport using a rigorous methodology and advanced modeling of the characteristics of your shipments (service provider, vehicle, segment, distance, load, etc.).

For whom?

Transport managers, CSR managers

What needs?

The CSR and supply chain functions struggle to communicate and act together. To be more efficient, they need reliable and actionable data on GHG emissions from transport.


Automation of the calculation of transport GHG // Meets the NFEN162582012 standard // Deliverable in standardized and usable data



Reduce your transport GHG emissions

Sightness Footprint is a function for managing transport GHG emissions. With its dashboards adapted to the challenges of professionals, you can follow the evolution of your emissions, make the right observations and identify promising avenues for optimization.

For whom?

Transport managers, CSR managers, Buyers

What needs?

GES reports most often take the form of raw data files, which are difficult to use by teams without a visualization solution. This must take into account the specificities of the profession to speak to transport functions as CSR.


Comprehensive vision of GHG emissions // Indicators designed for transport // Analysis of emission factors

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«After a rapid implementation, Sightness allowed us to effectively address two of our major challenges. On the one hand, Sightness automatically controls the invoicing of our transport purchases. On the other hand, we have improved the management of our margin on the sale of transport services.»

Alexandre Cavallini, Transport Director Healthcare - Alloga

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«With Sightness, our transport managers focus their efforts on action plans in collaboration with the providers. The tool allows the rapid structuring of the activity management.»

Ivan Richard, Transport Manager - L'Oréal

"We were above all seeking to achieve consolidated visibility of all our flows. We appreciate and value Sightness's ability to integrate a wide variety of flows."

Jérôme Laprée, Category Manager Supply Chain - LVMH

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«Thanks to Sightness, we can demonstrate to our customers that we have mastered and monitored the respect of our promise. Anomalies are easily identified, allowing corrective actions to be taken quickly.»

Dominique Franze, EMEA Supply Chain Manager - Mane