Address the transport challenges of B2C distribution

Distribution is at the heart of retailer performance. Transport costs account for a significant proportion of operating costs, while the quality and reliability of delivery are essential to the proper functioning of the stores. Finally, customers are becoming more and more sensitive to environmental issues, and the reduction of transport-related emissions is becoming a key challenge. Sightness offers functionalities adapted to the problems of managing and optimising retailer transport.

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Control & reduce transport costs

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Transport costs represent a significant part of retailers’ operating expenses. Keeping this expenditure under control or even reducing it is a key issue. But the subject is complex, and the reality of each company plays a central role.

Expenditure management

Transport expenditure must be carefully managed in order to quickly identify potential drifts and their root causes. This is what Activity offers you. You can monitor your costs and volumes at a global level or at the finest level, visualise the performance for each brand, and have access to quality data in particular to calibrate your future calls for tenders.

Invoicing Control

Transport invoicing is both complex and voluminous: there is a proven risk of invoicing errors, especially with complex services such as ship-from-store. Invoice Control identifies invoicing errors and contract loopholes that lead to unplanned costs. The collected information enables buyers to optimise contracts and calls for tenders.

For the quality of service you offer your customers

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In a sector where stock management and demand planning are precision work, transport must be extremely reliable. Sightness offers several key features to help you with this task.

Service quality management

To make the right observations and improve the quality of service, Customer Promise and its customised dashboards allow you to fine-tune your service quality and the fulfilment of your customer promise, globally and at the finest level of detail – for example, at a retail outlet.

Continuous improvement through AI

SatisfAI uses artificial intelligence to identify delays responding to recurrent patterns as well as the factors involved, taking into account external factors (traffic, bad weather…). Its algorithms also propose action plans to solve the problem.

Traceability & Customer Experience

Delivery delays are often detected long after the shipment has begun to drift or even well after delivery. TrackLive centralises the tracking of all your shipments, regardless of the carrier in charge. Most importantly, its algorithms calculate the risk of delay in real time, allowing you to take the lead with your customers.

Support your customers in their environmental ambitions

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The carbon impact of distribution companies is by definition largely caused by the transport of goods. However, there are many levers for reduction; all we need to do is identify them and quantify the consequences of their activation.

Emissions calculation

The precise calculation of GHG emissions from the transport activity is complex: many parameters have to be integrated, and the data is rarely available within the company, let alone usable. Sightness offers Pure, a calculation engine that complies with French regulations and takes into account distances, filling, transport segments and motorisation.

Carbon impact management

Calculating emissions is one thing, but it is essential to also visualise and control the performance adequately in order to make the right observations. Footprint enables you to track your transport GHG emissions, identify the most important factors and identify areas for reduction.

Driving change

Taking action to reduce the environmental impact of transport is not an easy task: you must prioritise and ensure the long-term success of optimisations. To help managers implement ambitious action plans, Sightness proposes Transform. This simulator identifies the reduction levers with the greatest potential, recommends optimisations and calculates their impact.