3PL & 4PL


Offer more value to your customers

Transport is of particular importance for 3PL and 4PL logistics service providers. Because, beyond the simple smooth running of operations, their customers expect services with high added value and unfailing visibility on performance. Find out how Sightness helps them meet these expectations.

They trust us

Control profitability

Part of 3PL and 4PL activity regularly involves buying and reselling transport services. Thus, it is important to control all the parameters of these operations in order to ensure optimal profitability.

Margin Management

For logistics service providers, the management of transport costs is coupled with a margin issue. Activity, our cost and volume management functionality, also enables 3PLs and 4PLs to fine-tune their margins and avoid profitability drifts.

Invoicing Control

Due to the nature of their activity, companies providing logistics services resort to a variety of transport services, which are sometimes complex, with a multitude of carriers. Invoice Control analyses all transport invoicing on a line-by-line basis and identifies not only errors, but also ambiguities and grey areas leading to drifts and requiring adjustments.

The quality of service you offer your customers

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Your customers expect excellence in service quality, but also reliable and verifiable information and an innovative value proposition.

Service quality management

Companies using the services of a 3PL or 4PL expect the latter to demonstrate the quality of the services they are responsible for organising. Customer Promise allows you to control the quality of transport, globally but also very precisely (by day of the week or by carrier for example…). Offer dynamic and accurate reporting to your customers.

Traceability & customer experience

Delays in delivery are sometimes unavoidable, but they can be anticipated in order to be better managed. TrackLive tracks all shipments in your care, regardless of the carrier. Most importantly, its algorithms calculate the risk of delay in real time, allowing you to take the lead with your customers.

Continuous improvement through AI

Some delivery delays cannot be avoided but many of them have perfectly identifiable and predictable root causes. SatisfAI uses artificial intelligence to identify delays responding to recurrent patterns as well as the factors involved, taking into account external factors (traffic, bad weather…). Its algorithms also propose action plans to solve the problem.

Support your customers in their environmental ambitions

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Your customers are increasingly taking meaningful steps to reduce GHG emissions. In doing so, they meet the expectations of society, their employees and their own customers. The 3PLs and 4PLs must be able to accompany them.

Emissions calculation

Although transport GHG reporting is a legal obligation on the carrier side, it usually lacks precision and is inadequate. Sightness offers Pure, an emission calculation engine adapted to French standards, which takes into account the distances travelled, the occupancy rate, the transport segment and the engines used. This allows you to pass on quality data to your customers.

Carbon impact management

Your customers are not only waiting for reliable data, but also for management and analysis tools. With its dynamic dashboards, Footprint allows you to put your performance into perspective, monitor the evolution of your programmes and identify priority areas for optimisation.

Driving change

You can also make proposals to your customers and offer solutions for the flows for which you are responsible. To do this end, Sightness provides you with Transform. This simulator identifies the reduction levers with the greatest potential, recommends optimisations and calculates their impact.